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Congress: a SHAKKAN Universe story

Essemoh Teepee © 2010 - 2018

Ashae stood alone in front of a dark mirror, not of glass and quicksilver, but a single sheet of highly polished obsidian. The supporting frame was very ornate, sinuously organic rather than chiselled or carved. The ancient artefact seemed to float in the air, unsupported. It looked like an optical illusion; a computer graphic superimposed on the background of the stone lined chamber.

Looking at her reflection in the onyx stone, she was still not used to the body she saw there; the critical raised eyebrow reflecting her self-examination. Her gaze explored every aspect of the young woman’s toned body; wearing only a half-smile and midnight coloured boots.

The boots were special; knee length, hand stitched soft leather with gleaming five-inch spike heels of a rare gold isotope and bronze alloy. They had the sheen of fine, thin hide that has been lovingly preserved by generations of nurturing hands. Ashae knew the source of the supple skin used in their creation but it was better not to think too deeply on such things.

 The boots had been carefully made by skilled craftswomen, initiates in the Cult of Giving, long before the court of the dancing Sun King. Louis XIV had made high heels a fashion statement in France of the 17th century, but his inspiration was from those boots now worn by Ashae. They were far more than a high fashion accessory.

Ashae looked around, double checking that nothing in the stone lined chamber was younger than two and a half centuries. The pure white polished stone, used as cladding for the chamber walls and floors, had been cut from a ruined temple in the Caucasus. The temple had been old a thousand years before the present Christian era began. It was important for her continued protection that there were no clues to her existence in the 21st Century. Time did not mean the same thing to all entities. To some it was not an arrow, but more a great sea in which to navigate.

Everything in the vault had the aura of great age, apart that is from Ashae herself. In one respect she was just nineteen; well the body she was exploring in the mirror was that of a young woman. Ashae was... well, Ashae was old; many centuries old. She had acquired this particular body less than two days ago, from a suicidal young woman in a city night-club. Denny was the host’s name, a sad girl lacking any positivity of self-image and been about to seek the terminal release of an overdose.

For Ashae, Denny was an ideal acquisition; a gorgeous body with a weak mind and damaged soul. The damaged girl was still in there, buried deeply, unaware of anything that was to happen.

 Ashae's previous host had been discarded at the same club; left unconscious and used up. Ishtar would have woken after Denny had left and be gradually coming to terms with the memory loss of the last few years. Ashae presumed her former host would still be puzzling over the very considerable sum of cash in her bank account and wondering what she had been doing to herself to have aged so much in such a short time.

Ashae ran her hands up over the new, slimmer hips, in across a now flatter, tighter stomach and up over firmer, softly swelling breasts. She found this body very pleasant indeed and playfully tugged the prominent nipples erect. Turning in profile to better observe the effect in the mirror, she arched her back, pushing her ribcage up and out. The long honey blond hair flowed across her shoulders and upper arms as she moved. Ashae was anxious to test this new body fully and see if it was up to the demands she and her very vigorous lovers would make of it.

Ashae smiled at herself in the mirror, what white teeth she now had!

The atmosphere in the chamber had grown thick with the fragrance of incense and Ashae’s arousal in anticipation. It took that little extra excitement to truly excite her now, after so long and so many partners. She needed a little danger and the potential for pain to get her passions to the very highest level.

Congress with Daemons had been vilified over the ages; condemned by religion and moral opinion alike for many centuries. Terrible torture, degradation and burning at the stake were the traditional reward for women like Ashae who looked for such experiences.

Ashae was different to the majority of such women; she had experience and knowledge; long experience and great knowledge. To Ashae, what she was about to do was thoroughly enjoyable sport, a sensual, erotic workout for her darker desires. It had the lush fullness of the wildest, most abandoned lust that made you tremble with its intensity. There was also the spice; the risk of deadly personal danger. Ashae sometimes needed the sex in death stimulus as an antidote to ennui after so much time and experience. There were other reasons for the risks she was about to take, reasons that could only be known to a few.

She watched in the mirror as her long-fingered hands stroked down her torso; moving like many legged creatures exploring a new terrain, then dive between her legs as though seeking refuge. She parted her thighs slightly to allow slim sensitive fingers to slip into the softness there and stroke the silky smooth moist pinkness. The atmosphere in the room changed again and felt charged with high energy. The tiny hairs on Ashae’s skin were prickling all over her body as she ran her hands over her curves. Hot shocks, like small lightning strikes leapt from each fingertip before they touched. The energy surged straight to her core, melting the tightness inside her. One finger circled the hard, round tip of her clit, which like her nipples, now stood proud and dark pink. The delicious tension it brought to the centre of her pelvis increased with each encircling movement. Slippery fingers stroked around, up and down and between her open labia. Finally, she gasped and slid them inside her sex to stimulate the aching and ready centre. The sensations made her want to spread wantonly, to become as open as she possibly could.

Ashae gently pumped her hips against the heel of her hand, a wave of undulation rippling out from her hips until her head threw back and she inhaled sharply; a gentle whimper escaping her parted lips.

Reluctantly she stopped; slowly her fingers came away slick and glistening. She needed to concentrate on her preparations for the Summoning, all the variables had to be covered. Pleasurable as this preliminary was there would be plenty of time to thoroughly use her new body later.

Hips swaying, the defined muscles in her narrow back and tight buttocks flowing under her tanned skin, she moved sinuously across the cool stone floor. An antique Venetian green glass bowl set on an ornate silver stand, black with the oxidation of centuries, stood to one side of the floating mirror. Lifting an equally ancient sparkling crystal ewer, Ashae poured purest spring water into the translucent bowl to half fill it. Setting the ewer back down she took up a phial of dark blue glass encased in delicate silver filigree and unstopped the small bottle. A fine scent of sandalwood mixed with something meaty and rotting filled the stone vault. A small amount of the aromatic oil dripped from the phial into the water making it cloudy with blue-white smoky tendrils; threads that swirled not just with the movement of the water. Ashae gently stirred the emulsion three times, widdershins. She used a finely carved bone and silver inlaid ladle taken from Constantinople during the early Crusades. Laying down the ladle she walked to the opposite side in front of the mirror. The silky, sensual feel of her thighs sliding against each other and the weight of her breasts, gently swaying in time to her pecking footsteps added to her arousal.

Ashae sprinkled crushed Beltane incense over the red-hot charcoal in a finely wrought bronze brazier from Caligula’s Rome. Then she added a small cube of human fat, which sputtered and burned with a smoky flame. Ashae smiled at how easy it now was to obtain this gruesome ingredient, a by-product of liposuction from an infatuated local plastic surgeon. Ashae smiled again, she would have to make his acquaintance anew, surprise him with a new, younger playmate; he would enjoy this harder, more athletic body. A rich smell of cooking flesh merged with the fragrance of the incense and heavy undertones of the oil.

Ashae took a stretch scrunchie and secured her mane of hair in a loose tail at the base of her neck. Lifting a crystal goblet filled with thick golden oil warming near the brazier, she stepped back in front of the obsidian mirror.

Pouring some of the warm oil into her other hand she smoothed it over her shoulders, arm and neck. Then she did the same with the other side. Her stomach, back and buttocks were next, then her thighs and legs to her boot tops. Nearly all her tanned body now gleamed in the flickering torchlight, slick with the aromatic oil. Red highlights from the brazier flames, outlined her major body muscles as they flexed and bunched beneath her skin. She took a moment to admire her body in the mirror before picking up the goblet again.

Ashae poured half of the remaining oil into one palm and set down the goblet away from the flame. Dividing the oil between her hands, she massaged the liquid into both her breasts. Circling her nipples with thumb and forefinger, she rolled them until they were even more engorged, jutting hard and deeply pink from the warm brown of their surrounding aureole. Ashae felt her breathing deepen. Her eyes grew heavy lidded and she allowed them to half close. She didn't need to be fully alert just yet.

Taking the last of the still warm oil she spread it slowly, deliberately over her smoothly shaved, softly swelling pubis. Her fingers worked the fragrant oil down between her thighs and buttocks, spreading the warm oil into every fold and crevice. Cupping her groin with her palms, she slipped slick finger tips inside her body. The probing and lubricated massage had the intended effect. Her sex responded and her intimate flesh grew wetter; her inner thighs slick from more than just the oil. Ashae was now very ready for the next step, it would never do to be too tight or tense or the Summoning could be difficult to conclude.

She stood in front of the stone mirror, between the water bowl and the fire basket. Raising her arms above her shoulders, palms upward, she spread her feet more widely. Thrusting her hips forward Ashae arched her back, closed her eyes and slowed her breathing to three cycles a minute. There was total silence other than her measured breathing and the guttering torch flames.

Small droplets of sweat began to form on her forehead; beading on the oiled skin between her breasts. Little rivulets of sweat her hips and belly, snaked down between her thighs. Droplets formed on the end of her protruding nipples and fell, splashing onto the stone floor. A rain of sweat began to fall from her outstretched elbows and chin. More sweat burst from her pores with the intense physical effort of making all her body functions synchronise. The flood merged and flowed from her shoulder blades into the small of her back, beading on the oil, and on down between her tightly tensed buttocks.

Ashae performed the mental and physical exercise of the Summoning. Her bio-electrical aura began to pulse in sympathy with her brain alpha waves. Her breathing slowed to a mathematical function of her pulse and brain waves. The air around her body picked up the silent displacement and ripples of sub sound radiated out to bounce amplified from the chamber walls.

The water in the crystal bowl swirled into a whirlpool which spun faster and faster anticlockwise. It spun up and out of the container to form a rippling, liquid ball the size of a grapefruit, which came to rest in the air above her left hand. The red flames in the brazier, leapt and flickered at the same time, then detached themselves to float, like a single large candle flame above her right palm.

The silence in the vault became louder; the air in the chamber pulsating below the human threshold of audible sound. The mirror frame appeared to writhe and a blotchy glowing haze coated it like fluid plasma. The obsidian mirror flowed, changed to look like black oil; gentle ripples formed, merged, broke down and randomly moved across its surface. It looked like a pond on a breezy day. A dull throbbing sound grew more noticeable as a circle of ripples formed on the mirror. The distortion appeared around a thin, finger like probe breaking the mirror surface in the centre of Ashae's reflected forehead.

'It comes' she thought.

Then the advancing tendril abruptly disappeared, snapping back into the black plane among jagged, disturbed ripples. Ashae heard what seemed to be a splashing on the far side of the artefact from where she stood.

Distracted by the unexpected, the water ball wobbled and the flames sputtered as she thought.

'This could get interesting'

The Grey or immature creature she had been calling to her had been usurped by a much more powerful SHAKKAN from their Realm.

Ashae had not fully prepared for this. The new being would be unpredictable, harder to control. She did not have a spare host body to hand in the event the visitor wished to take more than she was ready to give.

There was no greater pleasure for a woman, than to be ridden by one of the SHAKKAN races, but it sometimes ended in giving up your spirit essence as well in a last, catastrophic experience.

She had lost her life in this way three times now. The first when she was a temple whore in the Middle East created what she now was, an Eternal human essence. Eternals reincarnated with all their memories intact. Barring accidents, which this situation had the potential to be, she was an immortal entity. Luckily the newly mature SHAKKAN reaming her body millennia ago had been distracted by also attending to a second woman, mentally much weaker than Ashae, whose mind had fled when it had first penetrated her. As Ashae had died, calmly watched by the chanting temple priests, in a blazing, writhing, screaming all-consuming orgasm, her complete personality had 'walked in' to what was to be her first host body. The pulsating, overwhelming orgasms of the weaker woman had merged with Ashae’s death release, easing her first transition. She had not even noticed until she saw her old body being torn apart and consumed by her daemonic killer. It had left this realm, sated with orgone energy and the life force from Ashae’s body, leaving through the same stone mirror which floated in front of her now.

Many thoughts crossed Ashae’s mind then. You had to be careful with SHAKKAN; some would eat you just as soon as fuck you, either way they fed from you. The immature Greys were better partners; they just screwed you unconscious as they fed. Ashae knew it was too late to stop the summoning now so she braced herself for a very rough time ahead.

The creature moving from behind the mirror looked a little like a man, it was bipedal and roughly half as large again as a human male. However, the upper part of the body was a mass of flailing tentacles of widely differing dimensions. Fine cilia like hair coiled and whipped among blade tipped manipulators and snaking probes the thickness of Ashae's forearm. The SHAKKAN had three amber eyes with goat like pupils, set into the points of an inverted triangle of armoured flesh, where a human's shoulders and throat would be. There was no apparent mouth or nose to be seen. Its skin was a shimmering blue green like the deep ocean. Ashae recognised the colour of a lower caste SHAKKAN. She would need to be extra careful; it was potentially a rogue and outside of the Council of Nine’s direct control. It would consider her nothing more than a domestic animal, fit only to serve its immediate hunger. The higher ethic of ‘Preserving the Flock’ would not be high on this creature’s agenda.

As it strode purposefully towards her Ashae was very glad she had loosened up first. She experienced mixed emotions looking at the girth of the pulsating tentacles reaching for her. SHAKKAN were not big on foreplay and this one was hungry. It had probably not had any direct human contact before and was eager to make up for only ever having fed second or third hand. It was eager to have the Premier Cru.

Ashae clapped her hands, bringing the water and fire together in a cloud of steam and fog that filled the vault. The SHAKKAN paused in its advance, confused by the sudden mist. She stepped back and laid on a padded platform which had hand grips at several perimeter points that she knew she was going to need later. Ashae spread her legs for the SHAKKAN and waited.

“Fasten your seatbelt, this is going to be bumpy” she said wryly to herself as the Daemon was upon her.

It gripped her ankles with strong manipulators, spreading her legs wider, almost at 180 degrees as it paced rapidly towards her. A thick tentacle, like a ribbed truncheon slid straight into her without any hesitation, deeply penetrating in one thrust to her uttermost end. Even though she was expecting it, the force and power of its plunging entry ripped a full-throated scream from her as she writhed and arched on the platform.

The creature was now on top of her, tentacles whipping and threshing the air. Her breasts were tightly gripped; her nipples painfully drawn into villi lined pits at the tips of two writhing probes. She batted away with her hand a tendril seeking to enter her mouth. Ashae had no need of the narcotic ejaculate the SHAKKAN use to make their human prey pliant. She needed to feel everything; her releases must be as strong as possible.

The pulsating tentacle sliding inside her changed its dimensions. Growing thicker, it filled her completely, stretching her to her limits as the SHAKKAN began to work on her in earnest. Ashae looked down along her oiled and shining body; tentacles were coiling over every inch, sliding across her lubricated skin. She saw the thick length of its writhing probe riding in and out of her body, glistening with her secretions, thrusting hard and deep. She cried out again and again, in time with the spearing flesh that could split her open if only slightly bigger or thrust slightly harder. The risk made the erotic sensations even more intense. Her hips jutted and writhed, fucking the SHAKKAN back just as hard as it was fucking her. Her hands held onto the grips to give her more control and play her full part in the violent dance of colliding flesh. She wanted to open herself even more to the creature, take it all and engulf it within herself, her need deep, dark and secret.

This was nothing to do with sex to the SHAKKAN. It was all about feeding. It felt about Ashae as it used her, as a milkmaid feels about a cow. Pull this, squeeze that and you get a result; but it was hard, immensely pleasurable sex for Ashae. Just as in the dim past something human discovered how to milk a goat, the SHAKKAN had observed what made women come.

She hardly noticed the second tendril as it flicked between her buttocks, touching and stroking her there. More fine cilia erupted from tentacles working all over her, stimulating her highly sensitive skin. A strong manipulator slid beneath her waist pushing her pelvis up at an angle to enable even deeper penetration by the member already filling her to her limits. Paddles of vibrating flesh slid over her hips and thighs, coiling around the tentacle thrusting into her. The creature was deliberately stimulating all of her, building the heat and pressure in her belly toward a release. It would feed well on that release.

Ashae was now beyond screaming, her head was back, mouth wide open, panting and grunting deeply at each collision with the neck of her womb. Her cervix was being battered into dilation, the intense pleasure and sensual ache mixed in equal measure. The nerve endings inside her were firing from total contact with the roughened rod of alien flesh with each unstoppable insertion. Her human body was reacting to the alien assault. As she neared climax her womb was changing position and she was dilating, more easily accommodating the enlarged tentacle tip moving deeply inside. The walls of her sex pulsed and tightly gripped her ravisher at every rough entry.

Ashae writhed and bucked under the creature, worming nests of tentacles all over her slick skin. It was hard for her to think of what was being done to her as anything other than incredible sex. She did not consider herself to be a domesticated animal being harvested. In her mind she was a wild animal taking advantage of the farmer. That fleeting thought was lost in the mounting pressure inside her. Sensing the nearness of her orgasm, the SHAKKAN further thickened and roughened the tentacle as it slid into her. The tip narrowed considerably and on the next crashing thrust, pushed hard at her deepest core.

Ashae arched her back, gripping the restraints and screamed again and again as she climaxed three times; each release peaking higher and merging into the last. Before she had time to recover, a second, feathered tentacle slid into her alongside the first. She felt herself about to peak yet again from the incredible sensation as they moved against themselves inside her in counterpoint.

“Oh, my Lady, this one has some tricks! Oh, Gods damn you, I'm coming.”

The SHAKKAN was unheeding of her meaningless outcry. It only sought to bring her writhing body to orgasm as often as possible. Its skin was glowing with absorbed energy, a deep-sea blue tinged with a violet feeding aura.

Ashae grunted from deep down as a third tentacle found her rear entrance; ejaculating lubricant onto her, it wormed itself inside. She screamed long and hard as it buried itself a full thirty centimetres into her body before exploding into a mass of stubby nodules that stretched her tissues. She was now totally taken by the SHAKKAN riding her. The sensation of utter abandonment, its total use of her caused her yet another orgasm. The probe filling her ass began to throb and vibrate at a very low frequency. She felt as though she was turning to water and melting around the first two tentacles still working at her with determination. Ashae felt consciousness begin to slip as another, very fine tentacle wormed near her engorged clitoris. This tendril found a new way into her body; a sensation which was rare, even in her very long experience. The fire that leapt along her nerves from this penetration, on top of everything caused her to explode into multiple orgasms for minutes without pause. The SHAKKAN moving rhythmically above her was blazing with an intense violet light from her continued release. It fed greedily, absorbing massive quantities of her undiluted Orgone energy. The power milked from Ashae as it fucked her, resonated and blended with its own powerful aura, nourished and invigorated the alien. It grew brighter each time she came, the violet glow blazing throughout the chamber.

Ashae was barely conscious, only just able to bring her knees up alongside her hips. The greater penetration this allowed the SHAKKAN caused it to redouble its efforts, reaching greater depths, stretching her further so that she shuddered yet again with wracking multiple orgasms. Her vision was darkening and narrowing. Her sight was filled with blazing amber eyes set like matched jewels amidst dark, swirling tentacles moving above her.

Ashae uncoiled her body in spasm; her booted feet jerked down and in, deeply spiking the SHAKKAN in its torso with the gold alloy stilettos. Stung badly by the sudden disruption of its aura of the weapons, it leapt back from her, pausing in its feeding in shocked surprise. Ashae groped by the platform, its coverings now soaking with her sweat and come. Her hand slapped one of several large buttons stationed around the platform and a horrendous noise filled the chamber.

The cacophony was made up of mid-range vibrations as though a huge rams’ horn were sounding. It was the sound that had made ancient great walls crack and fall. Intensely bright, UV rich floodlights blazed as stone portals slid open. The light filled the chamber banishing all shadows with a merciless glare of radiation. The SHAKKAN writhed as though in pain, stopped its advance and stepped further back. All the tentacles and probes wetly disengaged from her punished body and coiled back into the alien.

Ashae reached over the edge of the platform again and grabbed some coarsely ground powder from one of several ancient bronze trays on the floor. Swinging her arm in an arc she scattered the white gold isotope, dried sputum, rock salt and other arcane material into the air between them. The effect was instant; the SHAKKAN appeared to be blown back into the obsidian mirror by a rushing wind that stirred nothing else in the vault.

The chamber was empty apart from the sweating, panting women and the Eldritch mirror. Its frame was now blazing with unblemished violet light; fully recharged with Orgone energy channelled through the seduced SHAKKAN. Once more it was a portal giving access into the SHAKKAN Realm. It could be used to pass and re-pass between the two Realms at will until the energy charge faded.

The sudden departure of the rampant creature left Ashae slumped back on the sodden sheets which stank of her sweat, SHAKKAN musk and sex. The encounter had taken a great deal out of her. She knew that she would probably look a little older and she thought “If I keep this up I'll need a new body in just months not years”.

Touching her punished sex and finding it undamaged she relaxed. Some prices were a pleasure to pay.

“'That was some shag, Sweetie. We must do it again sometime.” she mumbled before lapsing into utterly satisfied unconsciousness.

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