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Harvest Home

Essemoh Teepee¬©  2006 - 2018

3594 words 

Harvest Home: a SHAKKAN Universe story 

Indigo blue haze; lighter toward the stone floor than the vaulted ceiling. Richly complex incense roiled around the chamber in thick tendrils. The vaporous mist, almost solid in the way it seemed to softly caress the deep blue silk of the sheets covering the raised central platform.

A movement on the dais caused the light to shimmer and flow like oil along the smooth coverings. There was a stirring on the overlooking balconies as a deep, bass thrum fanned the ropes of vapor coiling through the enclosed space. Another, slower shifting of the silks outlined soft curves, lines and swellings that suggested the slim form of a young woman moving beneath.

In the blue shadows, dim shapes could be seen at the five corners of the platform. The forms were indistinct, but there seemed to be thick ropes, or cables emerging in concentric rings from the pinnacle of their rugose, conical outlines. The intertwined fronds shivered, as though stirred by a gentle breeze, but no air was moving in the misted chamber.

Set into the oddly carved stone walls overlooking the platform, were shadowed balconies, edged with polished wooden rails gleaming in the dim light. Thick tapestry hangings concealed the many watchers, waiting in hungry anticipation.

A second, deeper throb of almost subsonic pressure came as though from the stones of the chamber itself. The girl beneath the fine silk stirred. A slim, tanned arm escaped the sheets and languidly draped over the edge of the pentagonal platform, her long fingers lightly brushing the oily smooth stone floor. The thick mist closed around it, seeming to clutch at her wrist to restrain her.

A third, more insistent vibration thrummed through the chamber, making the watchers feel it in their bodies as though a huge subsonic gong had been struck.

An unseen hand slowly drew the filmy fabric from the girl, the throbbing building in intensity as the fine silk slithered from the platform, to pool around its base. The girl was revealed to the silent observers high in the chamber walls.

She was perhaps 19 years old, no more, her skin smooth and lightly tanned to a honey gold. Her body was toned and athletic, well defined muscles to limbs and torso. A faint sheen, as of the finest oil caught the deep blue light on her skin. The light made a halo of the soft down of pale blond hair covering her arms; legs and the base of her dimpled lower back.

She lay on her side, knees drawn up to her chest, one arm wrapped around her calves, like a sleeping baby, the other arm trailing behind her to the chamber floor. Her swelling breasts were uncovered, flattened against her thighs. Low down on her prominent hips were crisp, white lace boyshorts, the waistband curving down and taught across her back. These were the only undergarments she had been wearing beneath her tight bandage dress when the human acolytes had taken her from the Nightclub above the collection facility.

Her dark blond, shoulder length hair covered her face, her head rested on a velvet cushion. She lay still, only her ribs rising and falling.

The watchers stirred at a small sound, like fine sandpaper, gently drawn across soft wood. At the edge of the platform, from within the gloom, a thin tendril became visible. It snaked onto the silk covers, leaving a dark wet trail, moving towards the girl. The tentacle was the thickness of a human wrist and lithe. It constantly flexed and pulsated, ripples ebbing and flowing along it in the way of an earthworm moving through rich, fertile soil.

The gonglike sub sound came again, increasing in intensity and repeated at shorter, more regular intervals. The young woman seemed to respond by slowly unwrapping herself to splay forward across the padded platform with one arm and one leg now resting on the cool stone flags. The worming tendril inched closer to her hips, a second coiling; twisting fleshy rope appeared, making its way towards her head.

As she lay on her front, her breasts were flattened beneath her, bulging out from under her ribs. Her hips, flat on the raised surface with one slim leg over the dais edge, draped to the floor. The white lace of her shorts tightly outlined the split swelling of her sex, below the deep cleavage of her raised buttocks.

A third and fourth living rope wrapped around her draped wrist and ankle, gently pulling at her limp body. Drawing her over onto her back, until she was spread like a honey and milk star on the dark silk coverings. Many more tendrils now coiled out from the truncated cones beside the dais, sensuously moving over her downy skin.

The still sleeping girl stirred, twisting her torso and hips as the dry, papery tentacles eased over her inner thighs and upper arms.

The sound in the Chamber changed, becoming more like music, throbbing and swelling to fill the room. As though keeping time with the rhythm, four thicker tentacles lifted and waved in the air. They shuddered and split at their tips, the rough covering skin folding back to expose smooth blue, purple veined prehensile probes, oozing lubricant from large pores pocking their surface. They dipped back to the platform and slid over the subject's skin, leaving wide trails of thick mucus on her smooth young skin. The fluid slowly pooled on to the surrounding sheets, dripping from the girl's inner thighs and shoulders. Thick tentacles were writhing across her body with a definite purpose.

Two tendrils swept across her breasts leaving a sticky trail and erect nipples in their wake.

At her waist tentacles were pooling slime on her flat stomach around the gleaming jewel and pin piercing her naval. More purple ropes appeared to slide around her upper legs. Their focus centered on her groin, slopping wetly along her inner thighs until they encountered the pristine white lace of her boyshorts. At the contact with her sex through the lace, her lips parted and the tip of her pink tongue flicked between sharp white teeth.

Two oozing probes slid to and fro over her, befouling the white lace with blue grey slime that soaked her underwear to partial translucence, hinting at the clipped patch of blond hair beneath. A third tendril flicked up between her thighs, stroking gently from back to front. The young women responded, breathing more deeply, gently easing her thighs further apart in her dreaming sleep.

Animated ropes slid gently around her wrists and ankles; securing them in anticipation of the twisting, heaving responses to come. Wetly gleaming probes whipped from the conical creatures to rest on the girls trembling flesh. Her eyes had opened but there was little or no sentience behind them. A cocktail of exotic drugs administered by the human acolytes had robbed her of any conscious understanding, at the same time readying her for the coming debauch.

Lubricated probes flicked incessantly across her nipples, shoulders, stomach and thighs. One thickening tentacle, insistently moving to and fro between her legs, probed deeply, forcing aside the now soaking and transparent lace of her panties.

The blond girl reacted strongly, arching her back, forcing her pelvis up from the platform, grinding into the probe now working forcefully at her groin. She groaned, moving her head from side to side, her hands held firmly by tendrils, making fists, clutching at the silks covering the platform. Her beslimed skin shone in the dim indigo light and flared from the jewels at her ears and naval.

The smooth, pale swelling of her lightly tanned breasts outlined the circle of darker skin around her engorged, brown nipples. Several tendrils swirled there, leaving them slick and sticky. The girl moaned again, pulling at the living manacles, which allowed her hands up to press the worming, squeezing tentacles harder to her sensitive skin.

Her hips, pumping slowly, matched the rhythm of the probe between her legs. Two fine tendrils slid under the waistband of her shorts, easing them over her jutting pelvis and down over her slick thighs. Other thin coiling tentacles took them further to her ankles, brought briefly together by the pinioning living ropes. She rubbed her sensitized inner thighs against the pulsating fleshy column and moaned loudly in loss, as her ankles were swept apart again, opening her to the deeper, intrusive stroking of the flexing probe. All movement other than that of the writhing twisting girl suddenly ceased.

The atmosphere of the room changed, the light dimmed, becoming a deep, intense purple, the music more visceral and the incense fog grew thicker. The curtains to the balconies drew back and a scattering of different shapes and forms could be seen closely observing the human creature about to provide for their sustenance. They and unseen others, were there to feed. Not to consume human flesh or blood or substance, but on the raw sexual energy, the Orgone soon to be released in the chamber below. A long dead human civilization called these beings SHAKKAN, Shepherd and sometimes, daemons. It is not recorded what they call themselves.

On the platform below, the girl was now in a frenzy, whipping her hair across her face, thrusting and grinding impatiently at the now quiescent tentacles, violently kneading her breasts with both hands, her long, slim fingers squeezing and tugging at her already engorged nipples. She cried out as her body was snapped forcibly into a pale star shape against the dark silk surface. Her ankles and wrists held taught towards the four corners of the chamber. Thick tentacles with broad, paddle shaped tips slipped under her hips, forcing them towards the ceiling, arching her body into a bridge of young, tight flesh.

There was a susurration from the galleries above as double doors to the chamber swung silently inward and something dark stepped into the chamber. The creature's form was indistinct in the dim purple light but it had broad shoulders and a curved back; a bony ridge projected from the spine. The head was a blunt wedge with stubby, horn like structures at the broadest part. Gleaming facets, like large polished diamonds were where eyes might have been expected. A wet glint came from an oily sheen all over the tapering body and four well muscled multi jointed limbs sprouted from the corners of the broadly triangular creature. Despite the clear differences the overall impression was of an Ox or bull, but a bovine with terrible intelligence and purpose. The many myths of sacrifice to bull like deities over long human history had their basis in just such creatures.

As the entity moved onto the platform and covered the now shivering girl, there was a sigh from the watchers, matched by a shuddering moan from the overwhelmed human. The creature paused over her hips, its snout lowered and a long, slimy proboscis flicked out. The organ was roughly textured and forked, similar to a terrestrial snake's tongue, equally capable of scenting as well as tasting its prey. The 'tongue' slowly slid over her softness, touching, probing and parting the hot wet flesh. Lapping to and fro, over and around her swelling mound the creature drove her to violent squirming as her arched body rippled in waves of reaction, eventually, reaching her most sensitive centre, its twin tongue coiled around the hard nub of erect tissue, grasping her clitoris and tugged.

The girl screamed. The cry came from the core of her being as the first, shuddering, all engulfing orgasm released a flood of hot secretions to gush from her and over the creature's snout. A glowing violet haze began to illuminate the creature.

The Bull like SHAKKAN drank deeply from this first sweet draught, lapping at the human girl, sucking the sticky juice from between her thighs. The watchers in the balconies were now visible in greater numbers as insubstantial forms were outlined in the hazy violet glow of the first release of Orgone. This was the Grand Cru, the first forced release of Orgone energy, a SHAKKAN delicacy. Now they were hungry for more, urging the Bull-like thing to greater efforts.

The creature's tongue swept deeper between the still writhing girl's thighs and around between her buttocks, tasting her sweetly sour scent and leaving a thick deposit of lubricating slime behind. It then eased upward along her body, snout blindly questing for her breasts, tongue flicking at her stomach and chest causing her to shudder and buck wildly beneath it, moaning, crying out. Finding her protruding nipples the Beast flicked at them with its tongue, alternating between them. The girl, lost in passion, forced her thighs wider apart, sex gaping, flooded and ready to take anything the SHAKKAN may wish to give.

The creature's smooth abdomen dimpled and a muscular rod, some five centimeters in diameter slid purposefully between the girl's thighs. It slithered down between her sopping labia, ground against the sensitive perineum at the base of her and nuzzled against the puckered entry there. A gout of thick slime erupted from the tip, spewing over her anus before forcing into her, penetrating her as she arched and cried out in response, her tone one of welcome and lust. The beast ejaculated inside her, filling her with a hot paste that was readily absorbed by her internal membranes both numbing and sensitizing her flesh. The invading tube began to swell into a thicker, heavily ribbed, resilient rod, rhythmically sliding in and out of her body. Each thrust equivalent to the depth of her forearm. The girl screamed again arching herself hard against the heavy body above her.

Her glazed blue eyes were wide but unseeing; her pupils deep, dark pools, fully dilated by her total arousal but unseeing of the terrible face hanging over her. The SHAKKAN was intent on its purpose, its hot breath was sweet with the scent of her and it knew from tasting her that the animal beneath it was at the peak of fertility, perfect for its needs.

The creature's limbs shuffled, changing position as its abdomen dimpled twice more, extruding delicate manipulators to reach between it and the girls bucking abdomen and slip long, many jointed digits into her slick, pink sex, opening and exposing her further. Her deep red, muscle ribbed cunt secreted juices in thick waves as her body flexed. Her fluids flowed down and around her thighs, pooling beneath her heaving buttocks. There the probing tentacle still pistoned into her, raising her toward another peak of orgasm and energy release.

The creature bony fingers explored ever deeper as she arched her neck, crying out throatily as she came a second time, soaking her tormentor's insistent paws with a further gush of release.

From the galleries a silent sound increased the pressure in the chamber, the watchers reacting to her climax.

They glowed more brightly, absorbing this further flood of raw energy emanating from the taut, glistening body beneath the creature taking her.

The Ox like SHAKKAN moved now to a different rhythm, its lower body curled inward, forcing the girl's already widespread thighs even further apart, its slender digits sliding even deeper into her body. She was panting now and with each thrust of the first probe into her ass she grunted coarsely, like a rutting beast.

At the tip of the creature's inward curling abdomen a sphincter irised open with a wet sucking sound. A smooth, round globe the size of a clenched fist slid easily out followed by a slightly narrower supporting tentacle. This flexible muscular rod had a rough, irregularly ribbed and pitted skin. The entire probe was slathered with slime that steamed gently, gobbets dripping from it to slap wetly onto the ruined sheets on the platform.

Thick droplets from the probe spattered onto the girl's taught lower stomach, matting the already wet curls of her pale pubic hair. The large bulbous tip nudged gently against her flesh, held wide open by the creature's paws. She drew in a shuddering breath, part sob as though she sensed the impending intrusion. Her thrusting hips betrayed her drugged body's wanton need to take the monstrous phallus into its deepest spaces. Her breathing became rougher and her moaning was both pleading and raw.

The SHAKKAN forced the wide head between its fingers and on into her, the resulting spasm and scream of ecstasy and release was very gratifying to the ever hungry watchers.

The probe forced deeply into the girl's twisting body, withdrawing and forcing ever deeper with each new thrust. Her stretched flesh grasped at the probe, seeking to draw it to her core.

The still pumping first probe, frictioned against the thrusting second intruder, only a thin membrane separating them. The sensations were unbearably intense and pushed her further. She orgasmed a third, then a fourth time. Her body was on fire. White hot flames of sensual agony lapping around her hips and deep inside her belly. The SHAKKAN licked at her nipples, adding to the conflagration that consumed her. The platform was awash with her come, blue tentacles criss crossing the dais, siphoning up the velvety, musky juices, pumping them back into their conical bodies to help fuel their sedentary existence.

The glowing watchers drank deeply of the Orgone radiating from her twisting frame. The stone walls were hung with dark shiny panels which also began to glow, a dim violet in response to her bliss.

The Bull creature stopped thrusting into her. In place of the deeply penetrating movement; regular waves of muscle massaged the internal spaces of the still heaving girl. The rippling skin of the probe erupting with hard nodules that fluttered and pressed into her highly sensitive tissues.

The tip of the now unmoving second probe was hard against her cervix, the muscle ring guarding the entrance to her womb. The probe split, releasing two coiling tentacles, each the thickness of a fine hollow needle. Both worming probelets struggled to penetrate her further, finally slipping through into her womb.

The girl bucked even more wildly at the sensation, the muscles of her limbs cording and bunching beneath her slick skin. Sweat beaded over her entire body, forming rivulets of musk-laden fluid running freely from her to be greedily absorbed by roiling tentacles. She screamed, climaxing again and again and again as the deeply seeking fine internal probes blindly threaded their path along her fallopian tubes to the ovaries at their end.

This was the goal of the SHAKKAN; it's penetration of her innermost places had only one object, her eggs. The SHAKKAN need mammalian female germ plasm to reproduce different versions of themselves. Hybrids able to physically interact with human animals. Human eggs were the most precious to the SHAKKAN, most capable of having their DNA altered to create altered clones. The SHAKKAN had no sexual desire for the beleaguered human woman. The intensity of her sexual experience was essential to create the perfect physiological conditions before it stripped her of an entire lifetime store of eggs.

The Orgone release was a by-product greatly valued as primary food by the SHAKKAN races. Orgone production was the basis of their interest in humanity. There were other women in anterooms below the popular nightclub above, being brought to multiple orgasms by other SHAKKAN, purely for the production and collection of Orgone. This main event had a more important goal of long term significance to the SHAKKAN.

The questing collectors had reached her ovaries as she continued to orgasm violently, dry heaving as her internal muscles tried to crush both the piercing probes, such was the intensity of her response.

The Reich Collector wall panels were now coruscating with intense violet light, the more insubstantial SHAKKAN breeds had become clearly visible, outlined by their glow from the powerful energy outwash, swelling the numbers on the balconies. Storage cells attached to the panels were growing near to capacity, collecting the surplus Orgone.

The Ox like SHAKKAN above the girl's body trembled and emptied itself into her cunt, the wash of warm fluid simulating the human hormone that naturally released her eggs. The tubules lapping at her deepest places greedily sucked up all her mature and developing eggs, she would never now become pregnant by a human male. With a final, massive and intense orgasm from deep within her body she fell against the sodden slimy platform and lapsed into exhausted oblivion.

Replete, the SHAKKAN withdrew its tentacles from within her body, splashing her with thick fluids and grunting as it recoiled the defiling probes back within its own body. Then it turned and left the chamber for the Portal to return to the SHAKKAN Realm with the precious harvest.

The attendant sessile SHAKKAN began writhing their tentacles over every swelling and into every channel and crevice of the unconscious girl, absorbing every last drop of secretion until both she and the platform were completely dry.

Human women, Cult members entered the chamber, lifted her drained, limp form and carried her away to be dressed and together with the other abductees, given hypnotic screen memories before being returned unobtrusively to the Nightclub above. There they would awake and return home with the rest of the flock, their aches and soreness attributable to overindulgence, dancing and casual hook ups.

The SHAKKAN are the shepherds of humanity, Orgone the main crop. Do cows cropping grass in the fields understand the meaning of dairy products?

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