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Henry: A SHAKKAN Universe Story

Essemoh Teepee© 2011-2018

Henry would have been unremarkable. He would have been a no-hope loser; probably dying early from arteries clogged with bad food and no one to love him other than his own right hand.

Henry however, had an experience. Something happened to him the night he lost his lucky piece; something that affected him, changed him and his life. Not for the better as far as the townsfolk would say; if they only knew. But Henry liked his change just fine.

Henry once took a bus trip to Las Vegas. It was just after his mother died and he went with the little cash he got from selling her stuff. Between playing the slots and holding his crotch as he watched the girlie shows; Henry had taken a sightseeing trip into the desert at Los Alamos. They visited the atom bomb test site; an area of old devastation that had changed the planet. It was here that Henry had picked up his lucky piece.

The guide had strictly forbidden souvenirs. She said it would damage the heritage or some such shit. Henry ignored her whining on about half something or other; instead he ogled her bulging blouse and tried to guess if she was a ‘D’ or an ‘E’. The shard of sand, fused into dirty green glass, was curved and mottled in way that Henry imagined looked like one of the showgirls from Vegas. When the guide had her back to him he slipped it in his pocket. As he secretly fingered the shape’s curves he imagined fingering the guide.

Much later it occurred to him that his keepsake might be radioactive; but he reasoned they wouldn't take visits if it was dangerous, would they?


The rattling and banging was getting worse, Janey looked over at her mother who was looking more and more worried. They had a long way to go and what they were running from was never very far away. She turned to the older woman beside her and said,

“We need to get that fixed Mom.”

“I know, Honey but it sounds real bad and we don't have any spare cash. We've barely got enough for gas and some food.”

“We can't breakdown out in the open, Mom. Let's try the next town; perhaps we can get some work or something, yeah?”

Mary-Anne stared through the dusty windshield down the blacktop road stretching away over the horizon. The shadow of their RV raced ahead of them in the morning sun. Salt pans stretched out on either side of them to broken hills on the horizon, dry for millennia.

“OK honey, OK,” she said and her knuckles tightened on the steering wheel.

Three hours along and the noise in the engine was much worse as they approached a small town in the middle of nowhere, close to the hills. Mother and daughter couldn't see why it even existed other than to service the few farms on the dusty plains around. As they drove between ramshackle buildings on the outskirts, it looked as though even the one horse had moved out a long time ago. Janey asked the only person in sight for directions and they turned off the blacktop onto the dusty, otherwise deserted Main Street. The RV limped and clunked over to some workshops standing near a small, clapboard shed with a veranda. It had a beat up sign that said it was the town bus station.

In front of one building that had a sign announcing ‘Hammet’s Garage and Breakers', two men were lounging against a rusty scrap car as it sat on bare axles in the dust. Mary-Anne turned the wheel to drive towards them; there was a grinding thud beneath her feet and the RV just stopped dead.

“Oh shit, shit double fuck, now what!”

“Take it easy Mom, one of them's coming over, let me do the talking, huh?”

“Now Honey, I can take care of this perfectly well.”

“I know Mom, but sometimes ... well, you say weird stuff and we need their help, OK?”

 Janey looked out her side window into the face of a tall tanned man with cool grey eyes and cropped dark hair. He gave her an appraising look and glanced around her at Mary-Anne who was still staring straight ahead through the windshield, tightly gripping the steering wheel.

“Hi, are you Mr. Hammet?” Janey said looking up at him and leaning forward. She saw him glance down her top as it gaped a little and then back to her face.

“Nope, Truck Hammet's out of town for a spell, I'm Abe, the head mechanic. You ladies look as though you have a problem here”

His voice was deep with a slight drawl that probably meant he had lived locally for most of his life. Janey looked over at the other man. She saw a teenage boy in overalls tied around his waist in imitation of the older man. She wondered precisely what Abe was ‘head of’; there only seemed to be him and the boy.

“The engine started making a funny noise and we thought we had better stop and get some advice. But it looks as though something's broke now.” Janey said, trying to put some pleading and helplessness in her voice.

“Do you think you could take a look at it for us, please?”

Janey laid her hand on his arm as it rested on the door through the open window and gave it a little squeeze. She saw his eyes crawl over her chest and down to her tight shorts. She slightly shifted in her seat to spread her thighs; would this hick take the hint? She hoped she could convince him that she was on offer and counted on not having to deliver after he had done his thing with the RV.

“Lookin's cheap, ladies but spares for this old heap cost, we don't take credit cards no more after Truck's run in with the bank and he don't like cheques much either.”

Abe was no fool; he liked looking at women a lot. He was a regular down at Bob's Bar where they had exotic and pole dancers who went the whole route; but he knew the look on these women. He could see their quiet desperation and he didn't want to get stiffed for the repair. But they sure were good looking underneath the sweat, dust and weary expressions.

“Perhaps we can work something out?”

Janey heard her mother speak beside her.

“You seem to be a man who knows what he wants. I like that in a guy; direct and to the point.”

Janey's eyes widened slightly as she watched her mother undo another two buttons on her khaki shirt; exposing the sides of her breasts, showing him that she was not wearing a bra.

“Yeah, well I guess we can talk a little about compensation, but Truck likes me to get a down payment before we start any work.” Abe said.

He was staring at Mary-Anne as she fanned herself with a fast food flyer from the glove box. The breeze was lifting the edges of her shirt with each flapping motion and Janey could see a prominent brown nipple each time. This guy Abe was getting his share as he stood beside her. She took her mother’s cue and gently trailed her fingers along his forearm to his elbow and back to his wrist; staring up at him with wide eyes. He glanced very briefly from her mother to her and began to grin.

“Yeah I'm sure we can work somethin' out.” He said.


Janey watched as her mother gave Abe his down payment. They were in the back of the RV where it was hot and sweaty. The aircon hadn't worked after the first week on the road and they had sweated for the next two and a half. Janey was sitting in the corner seat while her Mom, now shirtless, was on her knees. She knelt between Abe's legs as he sat on the bench seat in the kitchen area; her elbows resting on his bunched thighs. Janey could see her mother's widely stretched lips engulfing Abe, swallowing his smooth, saliva slick hardness right to the back of her throat. Mary-Anne paused briefly as his girth caught a little, making her choke. Then she swallowed him further until her nose was buried deep in the wiry hair at his groin. Coming back up for air, she left thick ropes of spit behind; stringing from his thickly veined flesh to ease her next plunging swallow. Abe had his head thrown back. Janey could see his throat muscles working as though in time with her mother as she swallowed him deeply once more.

“God you're real professional at this, Honey you should do it for a living”. Abe hissed between clenched teeth. Mary-Anne slid her mouth up from the base of him again but said nothing. Instead she twisted him between her fists and pumped him, spitting more saliva onto his smooth round head to lubricate her hands. Janey could see Abe’s buttocks dimpling as he clenched them with the ecstatic sensations. Her Mom sucked at his cock, gently biting at him as she slid her lips down once more to his belly.

Abe's back suddenly arched, his wide flung arms gripping the back of the upholstered seat with suddenly white knuckles. Janey saw his face screw up with the intensity of impending orgasm as his legs jerked and his hips bucked against her mother.

“Oh God, here I go” Abe shouted, “Swallow it down, Honey, swallow it all right on down, you just take that load, suck it right up. Fuck!”

Mary-Anne made a small sound and clamped her lips tightly around Abe's pulsing cock. At the same time she gently squeezed his balls with her slim fingers. Janey watched fascinated as Abe's chin jutted forward and, grunting like an animal, he had his orgasm; pumping himself dry into her mother's mouth. She saw Mary-Anne swallow hard, three times before releasing him and letting him fall from her lips, Thick strings of saliva and sperm connected her to him until they snapped, curling back to fall against her cheek and chin. Mary-Anne made sure that Abe was watching, staring into his grey eyes as she used one finger to delicately scrape his semen from her face and pop it between her lips. Sucking her finger clean she swallowed, very slowly for a fourth time, then smiled up at him.


Abe and his teenage helper worked on the RV for the rest of the day. Janey watched them pulling apart the piles of what looked like scrap metal in the weed choked lot beside the workshops. Every so often one would call to other for some tool or a saw and they would both delve in the metal carcasses. After some effort and a lot of cursing, coming up with a trophy; they would add it to the small array of odd shaped parts laid out neatly on a plastic sheet near their camper.

Janey and Mary-Anne took the opportunity to do some basic shopping. They replenished their small freezer and refrigerator and bought in some fresh fruit and vegetables. They didn't plan to stop again until they got as far away from the cities and populated places as they could in the time they had left. They had seen no signs of the Cult for over three weeks now. But it was getting near the right phase of the Moon again and Mary-Anne wanted to be away from people and try their best to hide.

She and Janey had talked about what was coming and they were not agreed. Janey thought that nothing could be bad enough for her mother to want to take her own life. It was no different to what Mom had said her grandmother and great grandmother; all her female forbears had experienced. They hadn't killed themselves. They had all been Marked, done what was needed and lived to a good age. Janey remembered her grandmother fondly; of sitting in her lap, eating oranges and plums in the yard. The girl recalled listening to her mother's throaty laugh at the old lady's jokes that she was too young to understand but which sounded naughty.

“Janey, we are going to have to give that man what he wants. He's too smart to let us trick him and just take off.” Mary Anne said as they walked back to the camper, weighed down with grocery sacks.

“I know Mom, but he doesn't seem to be a bad guy, do you think,” she said.

“Compared to the SHAKKAN he's a pussy cat, darling. If I had the choice I would gladly give you to him in bondage for the rest of your natural life. There is nothing he could possibly do to you as bad as them.”

Janey could see the tears begin to form, trickling slowly down her mother's face.

“Mom, don't get all weird on me now. It looks like the guys’ are finished; we just need to do what we have to and then we can go on our way. Don't cry so, they'll want to know what's wrong. If you start talking about Daemons and the Cult stuff again it will just freak them out. Remember the last place we stopped?” Janey whispered fiercely as they got closer to the RV where Abe stood waiting.

“OK Honey, OK”. Mary-Anne said, wiping her eyes on the back of a hand.

“It's all fine now ladies. Young Davey and I got everything all squared away, he even managed to get your aircon working again. The lad likes a challenge and I think he's sweet on your daughter there.”

Janey looked around but couldn't see the boy anywhere.

“I sent him home girlie; he's a mite too young to be accepting payments. Besides I don't know as he could hold his tongue with Truck.”

“Your deal was with me Mr. Abe or whatever your name is; nothing was said about my daughter's participation in this.” Mary-Anne said with some heat.

“Jacob, Abraham Jefferson Jacob; my Mom was into history and the Bible. The two of you ladies hooked me with your honey bait, so I think it is only fair that the two of you pay for the fishing license. If I am not mistaken I think the little girlie is interested in some playtime, what do you say?”

“I'm no blushing virgin if that's what you mean Mr. Jacob. If it means you don't hurt my Mom, I'll do whatever you want.” Janey said looking him straight in the eye. “And my name is Janey.”

Abe laughed good naturedly.

“Janey it is. I love women Janey. I have never knowingly hurt a women, other than they wanted to be hurt a little and liked it. So I don't plan on hurting your Mom, unless she wants it a little rough.”

He glanced over at Mary-Anne as he spoke. His expression softened, became like that of a little boy in a candy store looking at the shelves of goodies.

“I just never had two women in my bed at the same time. I see this may be my only chance before I pass over.” He smiled at Janey and said “You are such a horny looking little thing; I figured you might enjoy getting a real man into those tight shorts. I won't ask you to do anything you don't want to, Honey.”

Mary-Anne saw Janey blush a deep red and said,

“What's stopping us just driving off right now Abraham, if everything is all fixed up as you say?”

Abe pulled his hand out of his pocket and dangled a short wire attached to a small metal part.

“I need to fix this little baby to your motor before you are going anywhere, ladies, It'll just take me a minute, but I get to be paid for my and Davey's efforts first; deal?”

It was Mary-Anne who laughed out loud and with real humour.

“See Janey, I told you that Mr. Jacob was very smart, I think I could get to like him.” Mary-Anne looked him slowly up and down, then said,

“We all need to freshen up. Say we get together again around seven, have something to eat and then see where things lead, our place or yours, Abraham?”

“You Ladies wouldn't want to visit in my one room place. Now young Davey's got your aircon fixed I figure we would all be a mite more comfortable in your camper. I'll see you at seven. I'll bring the cold beer.”

Abe strolled off into town as Janey and Mary-Anne set about getting ready.


The dishes were stacked in the galley kitchen and the beer and wine were half gone as the three of them sat around in the RV with soft rock playing from the local station.

Abe said. “Thanks for a real nice meal ladies. I don't get much home cooking since my Mom passed on.” Janey asked before thinking. “How come you don't have a girlfriend Abe, you're not ugly and you're manners are fine around women, I should think a lot of girls would like to be with you?”

“Janey! That is a very personal question.” Mary-Anne said.

“Mom, he is going to fuck us both tonight, I think I am entitled to ask a personal question or two! Well Mr. Jacob how come?”

“I had a girl; we had been sweet on each other since school. We had a real good time together for a few years. Then it got so she couldn't sleep, terrible nightmares about bad things. She didn't tell me half of it, but she did talk some of monsters. It was really bad stuff; rape and death.”

Janey looked at her mother but she was just sitting and listening as Abe talked.

“She killed herself a little over two years ago, threw herself off the canyon road bridge, couple of miles out of town.” Abe looked at his feet for a moment then continued.

“She went missing one night and we only found her torn clothes on the rocks three days later. Coyotes must have got to her before we did. There was nothing left of her, not even a bone.” Abe wound down, staring into his beer.

“I am so sorry, Abe.” Janey said staring at the big man hunched in his seat.

“Are there any old ruins around here Abraham? Do other people complain of bad dreams?” Mary-Anne asked.

“Mom, don't.” Janey warned.

“Yeah, there are some old Indian cliff houses like those ones over in New Mexico.” Abe said still looking into his beer.

“Where are they Abraham, are they in the canyon you spoke of?”

“Mom, stop it!”

Abe looked up at Mary-Anne. “Yes, they're right near the canyon road bridge where Danni died. Why?”

“What about the dreams Abraham, do many people in town complain of bad dreams keeping them awake at night? Are there times when they get worse?” Mary-Anne was watching Abe intently and leaning forward, her slim hands tightly gripping her bare knees.

“Shit, Mom you promised you wouldn't go weird on me. Just stop this. Please?” Janey got up as she spoke and went to kneel beside her mother.

Abe looked from one to the other in puzzlement and said. “How did you know; about the dreams ‘n stuff?”

“Don't worry Abe; Mom has a great imagination, sometimes she scares herself. Look we should be dancing not talking, come on.”

Janey went and turned the volume on the radio up. She began to bump and grind to the soft rock, swaying her hips in front of Abe's face. She slowly hitched the hem of her short dress higher up her thighs with each gyration of her pelvis. Abe’s gaze was fixed on her writhing body just inches from his nose. As the hem cleared the tops of her thighs, Janey showed him she was not wearing any underwear. He stared at her smooth shaved mound and the cleft of darker flesh there. Janey slid her hands together over her sex and used her index fingers to spread her softness, opening herself to him.

Abe had no other focus; he was absorbed in her movement. He reached out to touch her, his fingers lightly brushing her skin. Janey grabbed his hand and forced it between her legs, clamping him with her soft inner thighs.

“Go on Abraham, feel me; use your fingers, put them inside me.” Janey said, still churning her hips in a figure of eight motion.

Mary-Anne had stopped staring into space and moved over to sit alongside Abe. Her hand snaked into his lap and unzipped his fly, crawling into his pants to grasp his hardening cock. Abe hissed through his teeth. Janey felt the palm of his hand cup between her legs and two hard fingers jab into her. His broad thumb rolled her clitoris against the underlying bone, the work roughened skin deliciously abrading her sensitive flesh. She couldn't help gasping and whimpering, changing her motion to one of rubbing herself against his hand as he probed and manipulated her.

Mary-Anne had Abe free of his pants, filling both her hands as she pumped him now hard, now soft. She pinched the tip of his swelling uncut flesh between finger and thumb and gently slid back the foreskin to expose the purple swollen head beneath. A little liquid leaked from him as she rubbed her thumb across the top of him, smearing him with his own slippery lubricant. Then she took him in one hand and with her other, deftly slipped a condom over his pulsing penis. Mary-Anne was in control, Abe may be going to have her daughter but it would be on their terms. She reached out guiding Janey onto him so that she sat in his lap, legs astride his strong thighs, facing him. As she was slowly impaled, the broad head of his cock was kissed and then swallowed by her wet heat. Janey swirled her hips to the rhythm of the music and her blood.

“Oh God, you are so tight, baby. I may have to go right now.” Abe was staring at Janey's breasts stretching the material of her cotton shift dress; her hard nipples puckering the thin cloth. He reached up and grabbed them; smearing the red cotton with fingers still wet and sticky from her.

“Don't come too soon Abraham; I need to have you first.” Mary-Anne whispered in his ear as she undid his shirt and slipped it from his shoulders. Janey felt him moving deep inside her, stretching her, filling her up each time she slid down onto and along him. Her thighs were trembling; keeping control as she slowly rode the first mature man she had taken into her body. She could feel the swollen hard head sliding up and down against her tight walls as she moved. He was stretching her to her widest as he pistoned inside her. Gradually Janey sat deeper into his lap; taking him further and further into her. He touched her deeply inside; butting against her very end, sending an electric shock to her quivering core. It felt as though her insides were turning to water. His cock was filling her up with each thrust so much that she thought she was going to burst with each plunging stroke.

“Mom, it feels so good I'm going to explode.” Janey squealed.

''Slower, Honey make it last then give yourself up to it. Let it take you out of yourself, expand with it.” Mary-Anne had talked to her daughter and explained that sex was something you worked at. To her sex was an essential need like air; it was a pleasure as well as the object of the burden her family bore. The two of them had never before been together in quite this way.

Janey knew her mother wasn't like most other mom's in this respect. She also knew that Mary-Anne wasn't the slut that some of her school friends moms called her when they thought Janey couldn't hear. They didn't understand the family traditions. They shared trips to the mall with their daughters; her mom shared how to have the best orgasm. Janey knew which she preferred as the flood inside her burst and she nearly blacked out from the intensity of the overwhelming release. Her orgasm peaked and her back arched into a curving bow as she ground her hips down into Abe's lap. Janey’s pelvic muscles spasmed around Abe’s sliding cock; clutching and squeezing him tightly. Her sharp fingernails bit into his shoulders. Screaming in his face, Janey soaked his strongly thrusting body with her first ever squirting orgasm.

Abe's movements became even more urgent, buttocks clenching, thighs bunching as he sought to bury himself even deeper in Janey. He moved to grip her hips and pull her onto his pulsing erection. Mary-Anne took his hands, saying.

“Not yet Abraham, save that for me. Janey, leave him now.” Janey shakily stood up. Abe's solidly curving cock slid reluctantly from within her with a liquid sound. Translucent pearls of moisture sparkled as they dripped from her open labia to splash into his lap.

Mary-Anne deftly stripped the condom from Abe as she positioned herself with her back to him.

“You wan’ go bareback?” Abe said from behind her, his voice low and guttural.

“You don't have anything I can catch and I know I'm clean. I need to feel you Abraham, skin sliding on skin. It's important to me. I need real human contact after so long.” Mary-Anne spoke as she guided his swollen tip to her, pausing as she felt it just part her engorged lips. This was the sensation she thrilled to the most. It was that first penetration, the stretching thrust between and then on into her that she wished could last forever.

Mary-Anne held herself over Abe; reaching behind for his hands. She positioned them on the front of her thighs, his fingers curling under and in to touch them both where they joined. Slowly she lowered herself on to him, impaling herself smoothly. She slid onto him centimetre by centimetre, until she could feel his wiry hair against her softness. She felt his round tip pressing firmly against her innermost place, the deep entrance to her womb.

“Oh Jeez, that feels good, you're just as tight as your girl.”

“But oh so much more experienced. Abraham. Try not to come too soon.”

With those words Mary-Anne began to move her pelvis, rocking in his lap, feeling him moving inside her and the inside of her thighs against his hard legs. She felt Abe stiffen, curving inside her, touching her even more deeply.

She placed his hands on the top of her hips and said.

“Control my movements Abraham make me fuck you as fast or as slow, deep or shallow as you want.”

Abe only grunted, but he grasped her body and slid her back and forth in long sweeping strokes as his breathing got deeper. Mary-Anne concentrated on her internal muscles, rhythmically contracting them so the squeezed and released Abe with each thrust. She could see Janey standing, watching them. One hand was lightly resting between her legs. Mary-Anne watched as Janey’s index finger slipped inside and her other hand cupped her breast, rolling a nipple between finger and thumb.

“Come to me, Honey.” Mary-Anne said, holding out her arms to her daughter. Abe's hands on her hips were moving her to his now urgent rhythm. Reaching down she took both Abe's hands from her hips and placed one on Janey's breast. Taking his other to her mouth she sucked and wet his callused thumb, then moved it back behind her and slid it between her sweating buttocks.

“Slip your thumb into me, Abraham, feel your cock inside me.” Mary-Anne moved his thumb to her puckered flesh. She felt him ease it into her, rubbing it against his pulsating stiffness through the thin membrane.

“Does that feel good, Abraham?” He groaned in reply.

“Thought so, try very hard not to come, there's much more.”

“Jeez!” Abe grunted as Mary-Anne switched the direction of her hips to a figure of eight motion. She could feel him in both places as she swirled her pelvis in his lap.

Mary-Anne returned her attention to Janey. Her daughter had moved Abe's hand from her breast to her lap. Gripping his wrist, she encouraging him to slip first two, three and then all his fingers into her. She had him cup his palm over her wet mound and probe her deeply with his fingers.

Janey spread her thighs to take him and was twisting both nipples hard with her hands. Mary-Anne watched her face screwed up, eyes tightly closed, bumping and grinding against Abe’s hand. She cried out in orgasm, ejaculating for her second time. As Mary-Anne watched, Janey’s come wet Abe's hand and ran along her shuddering thighs.

“Time to change Abraham; let's move to the bed.” Mary-Anne made the invitation with a throaty voice.

''’m cummin’,'' Abe hissed, his movements in her faster, rougher and more urgent.

“Then don’t, save it. It will be much better later.” She said.

Abe groaned and cursed, somehow he managed to slow and eventually slid from within her. Mary-Anne moaned softly at the loss of him but stood and moved to the one double bed in the camper, through the open door from the main room. She knelt on all fours, knees spread, presented to him; her open body wet and ready for more of him.

“Janey, bring my necklace, please.” Mary-Anne's voice was firm, she would accept no argument.

Janey reluctantly obeyed, taking the ancient metal jewellery from a drawer and locking the strangely formed necklace around her mother's sweat slick throat. The heavy pendant hung away from the woman's neck, level with the hard nipples of her swinging breasts.

Abe came to stand behind her and she felt his hands explore her completely. No woman before had done such a thing: allowed him to see all of them as he felt them, to probe and touch them so deeply inside like this. His fingertips traced the muscular ring of her cervix, unknowingly felt the marks of childbirth. It was so very exciting knowing her secrets were available to him if he could but reach. He made a sound when he encountered the metal stud piercing her engorged clitoris.

“I’ve never seen a pierced pussy before.” Mary-Anne heard Abe say and felt his warm breath on her thighs, then his hot moist tongue. He began lapping at her, parting her already sopping flesh to lick along her. She felt him slip his hot tongue into her then slide it to her stud and suck at it. His lips closing around the melted looking metal, tugging at her sensitive flesh was so wonderful she couldn't help but cry out.

“Fuck me Abraham, do it hard. Come inside me; I need to come now.” Janey climbed onto the bed in front of Mary-Anne, Abe stood behind her mother. The older woman felt him come to rest against her, his smooth hard head just parting her and he paused.

“You like this a little slow as I recall.” Abe said as he pushed into her with measured force, continuing until he was forcing against her inside, where his fingertips had been. Mary-Anne screamed as he slowly pushed further and the pressure made her orgasm explode. The release was like fireworks in her head, a display of light and rushing noise. Janey bent and kissed her as she came. It was as though Mary-Anne's pleasure was doubled, amplified and fed back to her through Janey. It was then her daughter who cried out and fell back in the throes of her own climax.

Abe reacted to Mary-Anne’s thrashing and writhing by pounding into her, spurred on by her abandon and cries of,

“Fuck me harder, harder. Make me feel you!”

He thrust ever harder and deeper until he could hold out no longer and shuddered, shouting as he pumped his thick seed directly into Mary-Anne's welcoming womb. In turn she cried out in equal pain and pleasure, climaxing again. She fell forward onto the bed, Abe collapsing on top of her as she shuddered, writhing under him as he pierced her to her core. Janey crawled towards them and kissed each of them thoroughly.

The three of them lay together. Abe felt himself slowly softening inside Mary-Anne; has arms were wrapped around mother and daughter, his head resting on Janey's breasts.

“Fucking Hell.” Abe whispered to himself. “That has to be worth fixing a whole fleet of RV's.”

Beneath him Mary-Anne giggled and he felt his now soft body squeezed from her to lie wetly on her inner thigh. Everywhere he seemed to be touching sweating, slick women and he couldn't tell which. He bit the nipple nearest his mouth to hear Janey squeal.

“I can't tell where I end and you both begin.” He said. “Thank you both, I think you just made my life.”

“Don't you thank me, Abraham; you bit me. I have to make you pay for that.” Abe heard Janey speak as she shifted around the bed. Then he felt his flaccid penis engulfed in a hot wet mouth. The young girl’s tongue twisting and rolling around him brought him rapidly erect once again. Janey lifted her head briefly to spit on him, lubricating her working hands.

“This time it's my turn to swallow.” Abe heard the girl say.

The rest of that night and most of the following day, Abe could have died happy at any time. In his opinion he had already gone to heaven, accompanied by two Houris who just wouldn't leave him alone. In the evening he helped them tidy up and get ready to move on. Before they started, he saw them standing nude beside each other, in mirrored poses one hand on cocked hip, looking at the mess of the bed and floor they had all used so hard.

“You could be sisters.” He said, “You just don't look old enough to be Janey's mom.”

“All the women in our family keep their looks and live to a healthy old age.” Janey said, putting her arm around Mary-Anne’s waist.

“I am not sorry we came your way, I needed to feel a man again before...”

“Mom, stop, there's no point.” Janey moved her hand and almost nervously touched the pendant resting in her mother’s cleavage.

“I've heard of matching earrings and necklace but never a matching pussy ring.” Abe said, “If you don't mind me saying, it is real odd; a little ugly”

“They are a matched set, Abraham. They are very, very old, a family heirloom on my mother’s side.” Mary-Anne said. “They serve to mark us as belonging to...something. Each mother passes them on to her daughter when it is time, when they are mature enough. The jewellery of the Mark needs to gather love and energy to feed the... It is a long story and we don’t have the time to tell it now.”

Abe saw Janey visibly relax.

Later that night, as they were leaving in the light of a full moon, Janey came over to him, stood on her toes and kissed him. Her mouth moved passionately and she grabbed his crotch, squeezing him so he began to harden.

“Thank you Abe, it was good for my mom, she has the energy to carry on now. Keep looking, you'll find someone else. You are a good man.”

Abe watched them drive down the empty main street in the bright moonlight and turn onto the blacktop in the direction they were first heading. He thought they should be at the canyon bridge around midnight. Dry lightning flashed on the horizon in front of them, he didn't think it would rain.


The night Henry's life changed he had been coming back late to town with a load from an unlicensed meat packer in another city and a half empty hip flask of Jack. He had seen an RV and two women on the bridge over the ravine outside town. As he drove closer he had slowed, they were bathed in his headlights and he thought they had a glow about them. He slowed further as he approached, swearing the women were naked, dancing in the night so he stopped to watch.

It wasn't dancing, they were both jerking as though on strings, bumping their hips like the dancers down at Bob's, pretending to do it to the chrome poles.

"Fucking weird, they must be druggies or something." was his verdict and he got down from his cab to get a better look at the free show.

The sounds they were making were exciting him as he shuffled closer. He could see their faces were contorted with emotion and their bodies were sweating hard as they ground their hips and arched their backs, it was like they were both being fucked by something invisible.

Even weirder was the sounds and scent of the sea. Henry looked across the parapet of the bridge and saw the glint and glitter of moonlight making a path across an expanse of water where there should be a dusty desert gorge. No way, he thought, did I drink that much.

His eyes were dragged back to the women when they both floated into the air, a couple of feet from the blacktop, limbs spread eagled with no visible support that he got a little scared and started to back off. A sea where there should be desert and floating women, what the fuck was happening?

The younger girl screamed and writhed, sounding like she was coming, as a glowing shape materialised between her legs, gripping her body and outstretched limbs with far too many legs and arms of its own.

Henry finally realised that the women were being fucked right in front of him, and the alien things doing them were no longer invisible. The outline of the monster penetrating the older woman got stronger as she also came in a twisting, screaming orgasm. A third creature standing between the two women hazily appeared, outlined in violet flame as the women both appeared to climax again. The glow on the bridge was getting stronger and the sound of surf crashing on a shore grew louder. The figures and the RV were bathed in a pale violet light. The lambent fog pulsed brighter as each woman writhed in orgasm, as though the light was fed by their release. Henry’s blood chilled and his erection faltered as he thought he saw one of the things turn towards him. He believed the third creature was starting to come his way!

"Fuck it, I ain't staying to be screwed by no alien."

Henry very much wanted to run away but his feet were rooted to the spot as the glowing creature got closer. He had no weapon and there was nothing lying around to throw or to use in his defence. He felt his lucky Los Alamos piece in his pocket. In desperation he pulled it out and hurled it hard at the advancing monster.


Mary-Anne felt helpless and hopeless. The aliens were all over her and Janey and the orgasms wouldn’t stop. She guessed that they would never stop now, that they would be dragged to wherever it was the creatures called home. She felt a huge sadness that she had not been able to save her beautiful daughter from this fate.

Then something changed, it was as though a bright mist was spreading towards her. It engulfed one of the aliens which flared brightly before dispersing into an expanding cloud as the mist moved towards her. Mary-Anne felt rather than heard its scream of agony, abruptly cut short as it disintegrated. With relief and elation she knew that the creatures were going to die, that she and Janey would perish in this blaze of radiant flame. To end this way was so much better than what had been in store for them. She looked over at her daughter and embraced death.


Henry couldn’t remember much. He thought that there had been an intense flash of blue white flame. He thought that the figures and the RV were enveloped in a bubble of blazing light. Something had been part way outside the edge of the bubble of fire and Henry thought it flew his way as the flash blazed. The next thing he knew he was woken up as the dawn lightened the sky. He was wet through with dew and lying on his back in the road.

The RV and the women had gone. There was nothing left but a darker patch like a circular burn on the concrete guard wall and blacktop of the bridge. Henry had driven to town to deliver the load of bad meat before it got even more rotten. He was feeling strange but very happy to be alive. That following night he had his first special dream. It was to be the first of many. As the weeks stretched into months the dreams grew even more real to Henry.


Marika was asleep. The summer night outside the open bedroom window was warm but a cooling breeze washed over her pale, freckled skin. She lay on top of her duvet despite the breeze; it had been just too hot to sleep under the covers. Her lace nightdress had ridden up above her waist revealing a gently domed stomach with a diamante pin, piercing her navel. The belly jewel made her absent father nervous when he saw it. He thought it was drawing undue attention to her sexuality, which was precisely why Marika wore it. He would go totally batshit when he found out about her tongue stud. Liz, her best friend had her tongue pierced two months back as soon as she turned eighteen. The girl had become popular overnight with the football jocks in school.

Pinned up on the wall were three designs for sacral tattoos Marika was trying to decide between, the next step in her campaign of shock and awe. She was old enough to do her own thing, no one could stop her getting inked if she wanted it.

Marika’s dad had left home to live with his PA. The new woman was ten years younger than her mom and fertile enough to give him a longed for son. The boy was already seventeen months old. Marika had no problem with his going. He was not around to bug her all the time and shout at her about her ‘unsuitable’ boyfriends. He did enough of that once a month when she did see him. To freak him out for the next visit, she had her hair re styled and dyed henna red only yesterday. That now lay across her lace bordered pillow like a blood red fan.

A soft white cotton thong stretched across the split swelling between her thighs. She lay on her side, one knee drawn up to her elbow. An occasional stronger gust stirred the open curtains and ruffled the yellow lace nightdress. Goosebumps roughened the skin under the fine down at the base of her spine. There, a curling sacral tattoo was another rebellious one finger to her Father. The bedside clock read 2:35 am; Marika had been asleep for just over three hours and was beginning to dream.

Across town it was Henry’s night off, he was asleep and restless. It was hot and he was overweight, his peddling feet had dragged the bedclothes off his sweating body and onto the grubby floor. He twisted and turned on his damp bed, lank hair plastered wetly to his round head. A sweat stained vest stretched taught over his belly and cheap thin cotton boxer shorts were wrapped tightly around his hips and foetid crotch. He rolled onto his front; one arm lashing out. Nicotine stained fingers brushed an aluminium beer can off an upturned crate onto the bedclothes pooled on the floor. Warm beer leaked into the sheets and the sticky carpet. Henry shuddered and broke wind loudly. The sour aroma filled the small airless room adding to the stink of old pizza, stale beer, cigarettes and week old sweat. Henry had been dreaming for two hours. In his fantasies he was out and about the small town. In the few months those fantasies had become something more and the small town suffered under their weight.

During the day, from ten am usually until late, Henry worked, slinging franks and burgers in a greasy mobile fast food truck. It wasn’t much of a job but he had all the junk food he could eat and he got to see people. Henry knew where the raw materials for his sausages and patties came from but his stomach didn’t seem to mind.

His regular route took him to the workshops, back of the bus station for late breakfast, where he got to hear the guys shoot the breeze and tell dirty jokes. The Town Hall for brunch, let him see the secretaries and administrators in their so professional suits, tight blouses and short skirts and then on over to the high school for lunch.

He liked the school best, he got to look at the cheerleaders and the jocks as well as listen in to their secret chatter. In the summer he watched them fooling around in the sun, wearing even less than he usually wore to bed. The afternoons took him to the mall where he could watch the young mothers out shopping.

The evenings took him to the club quarter just as the working girls arrived. Once in a while he got sucked off in return for some food, usually by one of the junkie girls too fried to know anything.

Henry’s life would have been Okay except for the people who actually noticed him. He saw their sneers and heard their cruel jibes about his looks and his weight. Henry’s boss was the worst, always shouting, telling him to clean out the truck and “Take a bath once in a while Henry, you stink like a week old dead dog!”

Henry’s boss had trouble sleeping these last months; the pills his doctor prescribed didn’t seem to touch the nightmares. The less he slept the more he shouted and Henry was his favourite target. Henry regularly dreamt about his Boss; ripping him up with sharp claws, spilling his stinking guts on to the floor. Henry dreamed of doing bad things to his Boss’ wife and twin sons. He especially liked dreaming about the hot elder daughter; he always took his time doing her.

Across the hall from Marika her mother, Candice was having her second orgasm of the night, writhing and bucking under Abe. She had met the tall, broad shouldered mechanic when her car was being serviced a few weeks ago.

Candice 'Candy' Donovan had been very active since her divorce; Abe was her fifth live in lover in two years, just one among many other less permanent arrangements. Candy acted like she had something to prove after being dumped for a younger model. When she looked in the mirror she saw a trim, desirable 37 year old. The mass of strawberry blonde hair and startling green eyes staring out of the mirror looked pretty damn good to Candy. So far she had little trouble getting men into her bed; they just didn’t seem to stick around for very long.

Abe was getting bored with her after only a couple of weeks. She was just great to have on the end of his cock but they didn’t have much in common beyond the sex. She filled her shorts and halter tops as well as any porn star and she gave head like a pro, but she didn’t like any of his buddies or the places he liked to go.

Candy wrapped her long legs around Abe’s waist and started grinding against his pelvis. He continued regularly plunging into her as she started to pant and moan again.

“Shit, she’s going to come again before I get mine.”

To try and speed his pleasure Abe thought about one of the new pole dance girls down at Bob’s Bar, Sandie-Jay. She was a real honey; when she danced she looked like she could take in the whole pole and then some.

Abe knew Candy looked down on the working girls at Bob’s, but they were some of his best friends. Abe admired anyone who rolled up their sleeves and took on life with whatever talents they had. In his view there was no difference between them and Candy, except she had a rich ex to pay her bills and she gave her ass away for free.

He arched his back and shuddered as he emptied himself into her, still thinking about Sandie-Jay’s slim thighs wrapped around the smeared chrome pole. Abe heard Candy under him say something stupid, like,

“Yummy, Honey, you put cream in my tummy”.

Afterward, Abe lay alongside a gently snoring Candy. He was unable to get to sleep; restless and with a hard on that just wouldn’t go away. He couldn’t stop thinking about the girls at Bob’s; he would need to pay them a visit real soon. He rolled out of bed and padded down the hall to the bathroom. Marika’s bedroom door was open and he paused as he caught sight of her on top of the bed. There was a hell of a lot of skin on display and he couldn’t resist taking a peek. She was a real little beauty; the guys at the workshops ribbed him about having two hot babes in his bed. He wished it were true but that sort of opportunity didn’t come along twice in your life.

Abe thought back to last year and the tired faced mother and daughter who coasted into Truck’s workshop with a busted transmission. They’d been running across country in a broken down RV and didn’t have the cash for a repair. He and the boy’d fixed up their transmission and they fixed him up, sharing themselves in ways he had only read about in Hustler. He dearly wanted to repeat that experience. His hints to Candy had been carefully ignored but he had caught some looks from Marika. They had reminded him of the way Janey had looked at him. It made him think she might be up for a little fun. He glanced down at himself and sighed, he had better get to the bathroom before taking a leak became too damn difficult.

Henry was in Bob’s Bar, right out front at the edge of the stage. A blonde with hard silicone breasts and baby oil slicking her body was bumping her gleaming shaved sex bare inches away from his face. Her palms were flat on the stage behind her. Wide spread oiled knees were to each side of his head as she rolled her pelvis and gave him sight of her soft pink depths. Henry imagined he could see right into her, to her deepest, secret places. He stroked himself as he watched her bump and grind, flailing her oily blonde hair as he became erect in his hand.

No one complained about him blocking their view or threw beer bottles at him to get out of the way. Henry was not there in the flesh, just in his dreams. When her act finished Henry followed her through the back curtain to the dressing room. He sat stroking his cock as he watched her shower the oil off, get dressed and get ready to go home. He read her address from her purse as she checked her keys. Henry made a mental note to go see her when she was asleep. He drifted off to see what else he could see.

Abe thought he heard something from Marika’s room on his way back to bed and peeped around her door, 'to see if she was OK' he told himself and then mocked himself

“Yeah, right, not so’s you can catch some snatch or anything, Abe boy.”

Marika had rolled onto her front with her knees apart and her hips at an angle. The girl looked as though she was on heat and presenting herself to him. The dim streetlight from the window outlined the curve of her spine and swelling bottom.

Abe couldn’t resist the urge and crept in for a closer look. Avoiding the teenager’s clutter, he just missed stepping on a plushie cartoon character by her bed. Marika’s exposed butt was round and smooth. The white thong ribbon splitting her ass cheeks drew his eyes down to the tiny triangle of cloth that displayed rather than concealed her swelling mound. His erection sprang back up, curving hard to press against his stomach as though it had never gone.

“Hell, I came already what’s the matter with me tonight”, he muttered very quietly. He was about to go when Marika shifted her hips, spreading her legs further apart. The girl made a low sound in her throat that reminded him of her mother when she was swallowing his cock.

A guy in the workshops near Truck’s had shown him an Internet site on the office computer. It was a weird Japanese website where you had to make a sleeping cartoon girl get wet and come without waking her up to win the game. The guy said the cute cartoon always woke up when you tried to take her panties off. Abe had thought it a stupid waste of time but he could see the attraction now.

He didn’t think, but reached for Marika and very gently eased the cotton thong to one side, baring her shaved mound. The dim light from the window side lit the girl’s smooth skin bisected by a frill of darker flesh. Marika didn’t stir but his body reacted to the view. His cock was twitching against his navel as though pawing the dirt, ready to ride.

Abe saw that Marika was neater than her mom; Candy was a little ragged down there and he sometimes had to manipulate her so he didn’t catch as he first entered. Abe thought that Marika would be real smooth and easy as he went in. He told himself firmly that he was no animal but perhaps a little playtime was not entirely off the agenda. The guy had said you just needed to be real gentle and slow to win and get the cartoon all wet and to squirt.

Abe reached out again and very gently ran his fingers down the inside slope of her butt and across the soft flesh between her inner thighs. His fingertips touching her shaved skin and moist, warm flesh sent electric shocks straight to the throbbing head of his hard length; he so wanted to fuck her sweet young body it hurt. He drew his hand back and sucked his fingers. Then very, very gently Abe slid one finger into Marika.

He almost came as he felt her soft wet heat and added another finger to gently stretch her. She felt so tight and hot around them; he stopped at the second joint, his hand filling her. His thumb naturally came to rest on the hood over her clit. He couldn't stop himself from easing it between her labia to touch her hard little button. Marika made a low moaning sound and it took all Abe's nerve not to jerk his hand out of her. She was making small movements of her pelvis in her sleep, as though rubbing herself against his hand.

“Abe boy, how you gonna explain yourself; buck naked, a stormin' hard on and your hand up her snatch?”

He tried to reason with himself, but his lust had the stronger argument. He eased his fingers even deeper into her. Softly massaging the muscle ridges inside her, his thumb slowly circled the hard nub of sensitive flesh. Marika moaned louder, her breathing becoming heavier. She began grinding her hips and parting her legs wider still, as she offered herself up in her disturbed sleep.

Abe concentrated on not ejaculating. The thought of plunging his cock into the sweet warmth right now sucking at his slippery fingers was so damn enticing. He was sure Marika wanted him. He sure as hell wanted to take her right now, right here, hot and hard. Abe reminded himself again, he was no beast.

Reluctantly he gently withdrew his hand and Marika groaned, moving her hips in a small figure of eight, as though trying to tempt him back into her.

“God, she must be some lay”, Abe thought as he quietly padded from her bedroom leaving Marika to dream.

He sucked his fingers, tasting her youth, her sweetness and returned to her mom. Candice had stopped snoring but was still deeply asleep, spread-eagled on her stomach all across his side of the bed; that always pissed him off. He was angry at himself for his feelings for her daughter, it was not right but his cock was so damn hard it ached! Candice' body was not as firm as Marika’s and her sex not nearly so sweet, but it sure was available right now. His hand was shaking as he picked up the tube of lube from the nightstand and spread it liberally over his jutting cock as he walked purposefully towards the bed.

Henry was dreaming of Marika. Her hair had attracted him when she was in the crowd of loud, laughing teens around his van. He had stared down her blouse from his vantage point and imagined his cock sliding between her pale, mounding breasts. He remembered where he had seen her before; she had been with her slut of a mother at the workshops a while back. The two of them had been dressed alike but the older women made the short flared skirt and white crop top look like a hooker’s uniform. The mother had been spreading herself on the hood of her car talking to a muscle bound grease monkey; she looked like she had wanted it real bad. Henry had wondered what it would be like to do them both.

Tonight he was only dreaming of the daughter; the girl with the blood red hair. Henry imagined her, naked but for a yellow lace scrap at her breasts and tiny white ‘barely there’ panties. In his dream his point of view floated through an open window and over her bed. In his dream he stroked his already stiff erection to an even greater hardness as he watched her asleep.

Henry saw her with the grease monkey who he heard was banging the slut of a mother. He saw him sneak into her room like a thief to look at her; watched the muscle bound bastard touching her between her legs, fingering her. Henry liked to just watch sometimes. He hoped the big guy would stick it to her little ass good. In his hot sticky room, Henry twitched on his bed, a dark stain growing on the front of his filthy shorts.

Marika was dreaming about Abe. She ran her tongue over his chest. The taste of salt and dust on his skin from work was on her tongue; she liked that he hadn’t showered. Her hands curled around the waistband of his jeans and she eased them down over his narrow hips. Marika was no virgin. She had fooled around with plenty of boys since before her father had left, but she had a long way to go to catch her mother. Abe was the first one of her mom's studs she had wanted to take into her bed. Several of the others had tried to feel her up as she passed them in the hall. One or two had barged into the bathroom to try and catch her in the shower or using the toilet. One of the early ones had flashed his stiff cock at her and tried to grab at her crotch. She had kicked him in his balls and he left the next day. Abe was different, Abe was cool. He was tall with a broad chest, muscular thighs and a cute, tight ass that dimpled when he was on top of her mom.

Marika had secretly watched them both rutting several times. She knew precisely what Abe looked like when he was ready to fuck. Her imagination presented him to her fully erect. His cock angry and purple headed, the shaft thickly swollen, jerking in rhythm with his pumping blood. Licking her lips in her fantasy, she took him into her mouth, deep and slow, stretching her lips to accommodate his girth. In her dream she didn't gag as his smooth, round head lodged at the back of her throat. She could feel it pulsing as she sucked at him, running her metal studded tongue over his silky veined length. Marika imagined weighing his heavy balls in her hands and gently squeezing them.

Across the hall Abe was asleep next to a quietly sobbing Candy; he moaned and shifted position in his dreams.

Marika imagined Abe erupting in her mouth, flooding his thick sperm down her throat into her belly. The aroused girl didn't want her dream to end like just another fumble in a darkened parked car. Before her dream lover could peak she slid back along him and off his cock. Her teeth nipped him as his swollen tip passed. Marika imagined hearing Abe’s hissing intake of breath as a satisfying response.

In his bed Abe made a sound in his throat and Candy angrily turned her back to him, her body sore and her feelings hurt. Tomorrow he would haul his damn caveman ass out of her house. How dare he wake her up that way, the bastard had been fucking her so hard it hurt. Then he went inside her before she was properly awake, rolled over and fell asleep!

Marika got onto her hands and knees, sticking her butt in the air and laid her head on her forearms. She felt strong callused hands between her legs, stroking, probing making her even wetter. The young girl slid her knees further apart and tilted her hips, inviting Abe to enter her. Marika cried out as she was penetrated. His cock felt so thick, it hurt so good. The big man stretched her to her limits. His cock seemed to go on and on as it plunged into her.

This was so much more than she had ever imagined; her dream was outdoing her fantasy. Abe was battering at her deepest places and still he had more to give. He was really hurting her but it felt so damn good. The sweet ache inside made her want to open herself to him even more. She wanted to take him deeper; wanted him to thrust beyond her limits. Marika pushed back against Abe with her hips and felt his hands grip the tops of her thighs, pulling her onto his piercing cock. His fingers were digging into her as they crashed bodies, wet skin slapping and sucking.

She looked back under her arm and saw but didn't see, rough skinned, bony knuckled hands encircling her smooth white legs. Sharp, dirty and cracked nails were breaking the skin of her inner thighs, drawing blood that welled up around the talons. The redness was diluted in the rivulets of other fluids running from her and her lover. Pink streams were running down her trembling thighs to soak into the sheets beneath. She saw the remains of her underwear around one knee and her breasts swinging free from the tatters of her shredded night-dress.

This was sex like she had never imagined. She knew Abe was a big, strong mature man. He was old enough to be her dad and she felt overwhelmed. This was nothing like her experiences with boys; this was being completely and utterly taken. This was why Mom screamed and cursed when Abe rode her real hard.

Marika felt the pressure inside her belly mounting with each tearing thrust. Her lover was becoming even more urgent in his plunging thrusts. She felt her innermost spaces agonizingly breached. Marika finally screamed, the total flooding sensation of orgasm overwhelming her. It may have been her outcry and torrential release, but her lover was spurred to even greater sexual violence, his thrusting became harder, deeper and faster. She felt razor sharp nails raking painfully at her shoulders as he rode her roughly. Even with her inexperience she felt he was close to orgasm himself.

Marika wanted to look over her shoulder. She wanted to see Abe's intense expression as he finally came inside her, filling her with his sperm, but his hand pressing her head to the bed did not allow it. She did not see that it wasn’t the man of her dreams fucking her. She never saw the twisted, narrow angular shape with rough looking, knotted flesh. Nor did she see the long thin neck topped by an over large head, the snout filled with razor sharp teeth snarling below a triangle of three blazing orange eyes. Marika writhed and silently screamed in ecstasy in her dreams.

Henry’s alien Ka totally possessed her body. Throwing back its head and howling, it poured Henry’s sour scalding seed directly into her ruptured womb.

Henry was so happy, Marika was so soft, so wet and now so very, very full of his cum. He decided he would keep her company for the rest of the night. When she woke all her injuries would be gone, only the memory of the humiliation and the pain would remain. He might come back again tomorrow and again the night after, until he was bored with her squealing and her tears. Henry thought that might take some time.

Henry had plenty of time.

In his room, across town, a faint violet glow flowed across his sweaty skin.


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