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A Moment in time...

Archeologists today call it The Great Forgetting...

... it happened around the end of the last Ice Age, roughly ten thousand years before present. Humanity changed their ways. No longer roaming the lands, they settled and farmed and built. After a few grandmothers had passed no one could remember any other way. The Neanderthal grew fewer in numbers and eventually faded away.

Millennia passed and villages grew larger to become cities.

Things changed, but the things the people called Shepherds remained and the women of the Marked gave up their tributes as the Moon marked out the pulse of linked worlds.

The Creatures were outside time. For them it did not flow or march or follow the path of an arrow. To the beings the people called Shepherds, time was an ocean with many shores. Shores they could choose to visit and revisit, beaches that were moments in time to other creatures.
The Shepherds swam in time as other beings swim in a river. Upstream or down, from shore to shore were the same to them.
Place a rough stone on a shore and swim to a place where it is a smooth pebble, then swim back to pick up the same rough stone and put it in another place. That is how they changed the people, polished them to better suit their taste.
Like any shepherd they husbanded their flocks, selecting those they desired and weeding out those which did not suit their needs.
On one such beach five millennia before present, the people had built a wonderful place between two great rivers and created something new.

The place was Sumer, where writing and history began.
The moment in time when the alien creatures that cultivated the people were first called SHAKKAN.

Don't Frighten the Sheep…

Alien minds. Do we humans often consider the rich culture of the milk cow? The complex relationships within the herd. Do we understand the individual aspirations of the beast looking over the hedge at the traffic zipping by on the road? What of the poetry in the wind in the hay or the satisfactions of chewing the cud over cropping dandelion leaves with our grass?  

They are just cows, biological machines that process green grass into delicious white milk and wonderful dairy products. Sometimes we give them a name, Daisy.  

The SHAKKAN are no different…

Now read the Chronicles below


First Mark

They had to run. They were of the chosen, selected to compete in the service of the Shepherds. For the past six generations of the People, at every ninth moon there was the race; the perilous run through the forest and open lands to the sea...



Henry would have been unremarkable.  
Henry however, had an experience. Something happened to him the night he lost his lucky piece; something that affected him, changed him and his life. Not for the better as far as the townsfolk would say; if they only knew...



The floor show was hot, and this late in the evening very wild. The exotic dancers were lithe, acrobatic and nakedly sensual at the silver poles.
Ashae reveled in it.  The loud, pumping music washed over couples and groups out for a good time. This was the City’s newest, white hot club venue and Ashae was where she wanted to be, at the centre of it all...



"You need to let me go," I said, "I'm expected at a party and I'm already late. If I don't turn up soon some of my friends will come looking for me."
Swash looked at me, then at the boys and laughed.
"And how they gonna find you sweets?" ...
It had been worth a try. I had told the truth, given them all a chance. Whatever happened now was not on my conscience. It was all going to end in tears if I didn't make my appointment. 

...Now all I had to do was just stay alive a little longer.
“Shit, what she do?”  
“Got fucking cum all over me,” Pimples said, wiping his hand on my torn dress.
“I'm sorry boys; you didn't give me any choice. You should run now before it's too late,”... 



Knee length, matt black motorcycle boots with thick metallic, cleated soles stepped over the body and the killer slipped into the dark building beyond. Blood dripped from the blade on to the ground. A flick of the executioner’s wrist cleansed the sword in one movement on its way into a saya, a matt black scabbard along the intruder's spine.


Congress - Ashae 2

Looking at her reflection in the onyx stone, she was still not used to the body she saw there; the critical raised eyebrow reflecting her self-examination. Her gaze explored every aspect of the young woman’s toned body; wearing only a half-smile and midnight coloured boots...


Harvest Home

Another, slower shifting of the silks outlined soft curves, lines and swellings that suggested the slim form of a young woman moving beneath.
In the blue shadows, dim shapes could be seen at the five corners of the platform. The forms were indistinct, but there seemed to be thick ropes, or cables emerging in concentric rings from the pinnacle of their rugose, conical outlines... 


To come

More from the SHAKKAN Universe


To come

More from the SHAKKAN Universe.

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