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Waiting for Paulo

Essemoh Teepee© 2006 - 2018 

Cinzia was waiting for Paulo.

It was late and the cool breeze from the nearby sea ruffled her mass of midnight curls and very short, vivid orange skirt. A nearly full moon sparkled on the tiny waves out into the bay and Cinzia pulled the little black jacket around her shoulders against the cool wind. The black crop tee shirt she wore underneath gave little warmth. It was cut high, to show off her flat stomach and prominent pelvis; low to show off her deep cleavage.

Cinzia was proud of her body, naturally firm breasts didn't need a bra to stand proud of her ribcage. Tonight, the chill breeze caused already prominent nipples to push through the thin black cloth. The breeze also cooled her thighs. Underneath the minimal skirt, she wore no panties. Tonight, Cinzia was going to let Paulo fuck her. They had been together for weeks now, ever since the April festival, but to his obvious annoyance she hadn't yet agreed to let him do more than kiss and touch. Cinzia thought he might be losing interest. She wanted to keep him, so tonight she would let him have her.

Cinzia was not a virgin but she hadn't yet been with any boys. Uncle Giovanni didn't really count; he was old, over thirty five. Cinzia had read a book her friend Maria had leant her, about a young Sicilian girl, Melissa P, who wrote a diary about having sex with many different boys and men. It had worried her that her first time might be bad like hers.

Cinzia wanted her first time to be with a knowing man, not a careless, fumbling boy; so she would know what it was properly like to feel as a woman. She had spoken of it to Uncle Giovanni in March and he had been very sweet and very gentle with her. He had slowed when she cried out when it burned a little at first. Then, as she was more used to the hard length of him moving inside her Cinzia had urged him on. Uncle Giovanni also took care that he didn't spill himself into her. Cinzia had been worried about that, she had forgotten to take a condom; her friend Maria had got pregnant and the family were very upset. She had some condoms for Paulo and would insist that he wore them.

She imagined Paulo touching her, with his fingers, kissing her between her legs, making her feel good inside. Her hand snaked under the hem of her little skirt and she rubbed herself gently. Cinzia was already very wet. She had masturbated a little earlier, leaning against the old tower looking out to sea. Her tiny skirt pulled up around her waist, the rough stones, still warm from the sun against her back through her thin clothes.

Her old grandmother, Patrizia didn't like the Tower of Santa Maria; she said it was a very bad place. Things had happened there ever since it was built, over five hundred years ago. The Tower was Okay with Cinzia, it hid her from the road while she brought herself to orgasm. When she came, her bony knees and slim thighs spread wide, impaled on her wet fingers, her low moans had mingled with the night cries of the seabirds.

Cinzia slid one finger between her sticky flesh to touch herself again, inside, just as she imagined Paulo would when he finally arrived. She tried to guess if he would use one or two fingers first and so she inserted a second, just to help her imagination along. She would have to guide him to her best spot.

Maria had said most boys didn't know about it so you had to show them. Uncle Giovanni had known. When he sat her on the kitchen table in front of him and spread her tanned thighs with his big hands to look at her there, his rough tongue had gone straight to it. Cinzia remembered the feel of his stubble against her inner thighs and his wonderfully warm mouth sucking at her. Hot air from his nose had stirred the fine hair on her groin as he had delved in her, she had not thought a tongue could be so long and hard. It was how he made her shout out for the first time, and then he drank the liquor leaking from her. Uncle Giovanni said she tasted like the very finest Grappa.

Cinzia leant back against the old tower again, her hands working at her body, much wetter and stickier than before. She hoped Paulo would be as big as Uncle Giovanni; she didn't want to be too disappointed. Did boys grow bigger there as they got older, like men's bellies? Maria had not said anything about that.

Cinzia heard a sound, it seemed to be above her but the stumpy stone tower was empty, nothing but a shell. Perhaps he was hiding?

'Paulo? Paulo, is that you? You're very late; I thought that you might not come to me. I have a big surprise to give you.'

The concrete of the promenade beneath Cinzia's feet disappeared. It was as though it had suddenly fallen away from her and into a deep hole. A pressure under her armpits and a squeezing around her thighs were her only sensation, other than being weightless and feeling like she was flying with the wind rushing over her skin.

A blackness flooded up around her, cutting her off from the street lights and the moon on the sea. Cinzia looked up and saw a wide ragged circle of night sky, stars and the haze of moonlight surrounded by total blackness. It occurred to her that she must be inside the old tower, but Cinzia could not understand how she had got there. It was a mystery.

'Paulo?' She murmured, her voice was trembling.

It wasn’t Paulo, he was busy getting his fingers wet in another girl near the harbour.

Some big animal snuffled at her waist, sniffing her. Something resilient, cold and covered in a thick wet stickiness touched her roughly between her legs. Uncle Giovanni had been careful, gentle and considerate of his virgin niece, this didn’t feel at all like Uncle Giovanni. Cinzia started to scream as a monstrous probe slid into her, worming its slimy length, deeper than her Uncle's tongue, deeper even than her Uncle.

Cinzia remembered his thickness when he was hard and long, finally sliding himself into her, stretching her with the swelling at his tip. She recalled him holding her breasts, squeezing and twisting her nipples as she cried out and writhed under him on the wooden table, her slim legs resting on each side of his lunging hips. Uncle Giovanni had said her breasts were like apples, hard and round ready to take a bite from.

What she could feel now was inhuman. A monstrous tongue licked at her, sliding right inside her to her deepest places, tasting her. The creature touched her inside with the sensitive tip of its thick sticky organ and found her to be very fresh, young and ripe.

Cinzia had stopped screaming, she no longer had the breath for it. She was gasping now, panting and moaning, her body bent backward in a tight bow, wrists held painfully above and behind her head, her ankles pinned far apart spreading her, open and defenceless.

Very little remained intact of her scant clothing, just a remnant of her tee shirt and a lone flat shoe dangling and jerking from one ankle, attached by the espadrille laces.

Cinzia was being fucked for only the second time in her life.

She had been found by something else, something looking for her. Not particularly Cinzia, but what she was, a fertile young woman ready to be bred. The SHAKKAN had smelt her as soon as it came through the Portal inside the Tower. The atmosphere had been rich with her pheromones, her ripe sex. It was going to feed from her first and then begin the hybrid impregnation.

Cinzia was crying between her shuddering gasps. Grandmother Patrizia had said the Devil came for bad little girls, but she had never said that the Devil would fuck the little girls first.

The really bad thing was that it had begun to feel good. Cinzia was over the initial shock and, while still terrified and disoriented, she was starting to feel a heat inside her, a delicious pressure that she recalled from Uncle Giovanni's kitchen table as he had stroked her to several wonderful orgasms.

She couldn't see anything in the blackness just feel the piston of strange, bone hard flesh riding in and out of her stretched and soaking body.

When it had torn her few clothes to shreds the thing had gagged her with a rubbery tube and pumped a bitter, burning liquid down her throat into her stomach.

Uncle Giovanni had tried to get her to do that for him as he finished fucking her. She hadn't understood what he wanted. Instead he had grunted and squirted his juice all over her face and chest. Cinzia had tasted a little, some that splashed into her mouth. It was strange and salty, swallowing it hadn't appealed to her very much.

The thing's stuff had tasted spicy on her tongue. It burned going down but quickly made her tingle all over.

Every invisible probing touch and caress made her wriggle and twist in its grasp, she had felt herself get very wet for the third time that evening, ready to be taken.

Whatever it was in the dark bent her over backwards, spreading her legs widely. She felt something touch her, splay the soft warm flesh between her thighs so that she was wide open, available. Then it slid into her for the first time. Cinzia cam immediately with the first full stroke, much to the creature’s satisfaction.

It fed as she bucked, twisted and writhed in its grip, giving up her Orgone. The SHAKKAN fed three more times, bringing her to shuddering climax with ever harder and deeper penetrations before initiating her impregnation.

Cinzia was exhausted, so many orgasms she had lost count. Since that time with Uncle Giovanni she had only ever masturbated with her fingers. Maria had had a thing with batteries. It had hurt Cinzia when they had lain together that once, Maria poking it in too far, too soon.

Cinzia was hurting now too; she ached deep inside her belly but it felt so good. The hardness inside her was moving even more strongly, deeper than ever, stretching her beyond her limits. She wanted it to be there, all the way into her. She spread herself for it, opening herself as much as she could. Cinzia spread her legs far apart and pushed her pelvis towards it to allow it into her even more deeply. Total abandonment to its penetration felt good.

She felt something deep inside her belly; the sensation was as though the thing pushed too far gone beyond, on into her very centre. Cinzia felt a hot flood inside her, a tidal wave of semen. It felt like it gushed seed into every available space inside her. Cinzia screamed with the most intense orgasm she had ever had before passing out.

Cinzia woke up cold and shivering. She found herself lying on a concrete bench among small palm trees in a little lawn area on the promenade. She wore a few scraps of ruined clothing. Thick fluid was oozing from between her legs into a viscid pool on the bench.

'Oh shit, it's true. I thought it was a bad dream. Paulo didn't come and I fucked with the Devil instead!'

Cinzia pulled her shredded short jacket around her to cover some of her nakedness and begun to pad home, barefoot, hoping to slip quietly indoors before the family awoke. It would be hard to explain away her nakedness, the smell of sex and the semen trickling down her thighs. As she made her way through the dim pre-dawn. Feeling the dull ache in her womb, she wondered if the Devil might visit her again. Cinzia though that she might like that, but perhaps she could get it to wear a condom next time?

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